what a "perfect" day!

What a "perfect" day to write something unuseful. Seriously, my dad won't drove me to the theater. My Dad.. My Over-protective Dad! I'm afraid I have to say that I am sick of Pasta, Yes! All this day, I have to eat Pasta, in the morning I'veate Fettucini, In the noon I've ate Fettucini (again). And sadly, in the night, my mom ordered some Pizza. God! I hate those stuff. And guess what ? until today I've watched "The Sound Of Music" movie for the 12th time! For God's Sake! I think I'm obsessed with this classic movie. Okay, that's enough Fira! stop talking about yourself.. Okay! So Long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

Ps: for my next post, I'm going to talking about The Sound Of Music Movie..

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