Peanut Butter Goes My Heart

Peanut Butter! I'm obsessed with them! Dunno why, every time I saw them, they just driving me crazier, crazier than ever! I mean, look at them, they're soo soft, and browny, and chunky, a little bit sweet.. oohh! soo perfect.. is this something called going nuts? (hem)
They driving me crazy...
I can't deny it...
They have already melt me down...

(Cold Stone Creamery - Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Oreo Pie Crust)

I think this one's a little bit too much, don't ya think?

They took my heart and put them on the top of their cakes! (?)

And this one... is something that made me say "Euuukkhhh..... what on Earth is she doing on.." sory to say that!

Enough for today, I'm going to hit the bed *a.k.a sleep*... BYE!

courtesy: flickr.com

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