a request for a gentleman/a cab driver

Hey Sir! bring me to te theme park, and let me die there! cause it sounds dramatic... and let me die there as a child not as an adult or a teenager. Don't you think that's a good idea, sir?

The story above is about a woman who’s so desperate about her life. She's got a lot of trouble with her family, with her friends and also her carrier. One day, she stopped a cab in front of her apartment, and then she said “Take me to the theme park…bla,bla,bla", "I'm soo desperate!" she says, "I can't stand for a life even for a minute!".

Nggak ngerti ya mksd gue bkn cerita ini ?. Baguslah! Adieu!


igna said...

eh eh lucu gambarnya gua colong ya...

Grumpy Fira said...

-____- stealer... SIGH!