a message for a pshycotic stalker

Eh mas-mas dari Sukabumi (sebutan dr gue sm adel)! Kalo lo baca ini, semoga lo langsung nyadar... Just wanna describe you as these:
- Stalker!
Yes! you are a professional stalker! You keep sending me messages, which is so stupid and ANNOYING! boy, you should stop it! Everytime I saw the sender of the messages and it turned to be you, GOSH! You pissed me off... just stop that bloody habit, nobody likes it.

- Pshyco
Can't write the description for this part, and I don't know why I call you a pshyco anyway!

Call me as a mean, angry, desperate girl! but this's the fact. I don't like something that you've done to me. And even my friends told you so, you won't listen! Arrrggghhhhh...... now, I found the reason why I called you a pshyco!

Astagfirullah! ngeselin lo ya! that's all from Grumpy-Angry-Mad Fira...

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