The RECENTs List

- Recent Obsession: SQUIRREL!
- Recent Project: The Cat Woman Diary 2009
- Recent Activity: Fasting
- Recent Problem: Hairlose
- Recent Sad Moment: They don't sale papers for Polaroid in Jakarta... :'(
- Recent Happy Moment: Dad brought me to iStore then he said, "Would you like an iPhone?". YES, OH YES I WOULD LIKE ONE OF THOSE!!!
- Recent Blank Moment: Physic class *what else anyway?*
- Recent Silly Moment: I copied Swift's moves at her "YBWM" clip in front of mirror. FREAK!
- Recent Embarassing Moment: I almost slipped myself in front of hundreds people. Then, I laugh soo hard and everyone stared at me!
- Recent Phobia: Polkadots, especially the one that has black and red color!
- Recent Social Network: Twitter! *boo fb boo!*
- Recent Nickname: Poisonous Bitch! HA!
- Recent Movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic *This is the 5th times I watched this movie*
- Recent Book: Persuasion -Jane Austen-
- Recent Music: Yesterday Yes A Day -Jane Birkin-, Sinatra *this isn't the recent, this's the forever!*
- Recent Lullaby: Body and Soul -Frank Sinatra-
- Recent Boy Crush: *This isn't a good place to confess such thing*
- Recent Girl Crush: Behati Prinslo *Just because I tiped this section, it doesn't mean I'm a dyke!*
- Recent Model: SASHA PIVAROVA!
- Recent Designer: D & G
- Recent Photographer: Steven Meisel
- Recent Lyrics: "...and there he goes so perfectly. the kind of flawless i wish i could be"

You know what, my fingers are getting under control. So I'm going to get my ass off. Adieu!


Kiwwana said...
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Kiwwana said...

hello world! just wanna tell you that now I'm signing back to the blog-crowds after a long long postpone. hihi check out my articles and link me yaa

Vilena said...

Hello, I´m your new reader..